The Naughtiest Event in Europe comes to Milan!

and You are invited!

Throughout May and June the Subject60 launch party will be touring the top 5 European cities: Berlin, London, Paris, Milan and Madrid, to promote the new Naughty Volvo S60. Straight after Berlin and London, the Subject60 tour arrives in Milan on June 10th, followed by 2 more nights of naughtiness in Paris and Madrid. The parties will be featuring renowned artist and fashion icon Lykke Li and photographer, blogger, providing “eye candy for the style hungry” – Face Hunter. 

Also in Milan guest hosts, the royal Pig Radio Deejays will be mixing it up.

Grab your iPhone (or Android) and download the app to look for the hidden cubes throughout Milan. The cube is your entrance key to the most unexpected, naughty and fabulous party ever in Milan! Hurry up!

Here is your map:

here is what to do:

1. Go to ‘Click to Start Search’ on the map.
2. Download the LAYAR app to your Android Phone or iPhone 3GS.
3. Go to one of the three locations on the map. Open this link on your phone: to activate LAYAR (TIP – don’t forget to bookmark the link in LAYAR)
4. Start searching for the hidden cube.
5. Register the 6 digit code once you’ve found the hidden cube.

Here are what the cubes look like:

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